Software Testing Course Pune

        Software testing is a method for assessing the functionality of a software program. Testing assess the quality of the product. In other words testing is verification and validation process. Testing promotes the developers to deliver software that meets expectations, prevents unexpected results, and improves the long term maintenance of the application. The appropriate methodologies are applied depending upon the software requirement and the purpose of testing.

      Software Testing


When people talk about the importance of software testing, common e

xamples they give frequently are military software, aircraft, etc. That is not concrete enough to understand why we need software testing. Here are the list of few that why we need software testing. 1. To check the reliability of the software. 2. To be ensured that the software does not contain any bug which can become a reason for failure. 3. To check the software was made according to its specification. 4. To check that the software meets its requirements. 5. To check that users are capable of using the software. 6. To check software works with other software and hardware it needs to work with.

Itelligence provides the Software testing course in our institute in Pune. We mold the learner’s intellectual abilities with the professional’s high knowledge and produce efficient outcome. The syllabuses specified are very resourceful for the learners to educate themselves with the satisfactory knowledge regarding software testing.


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