Software Testing Course Pune

        Software testing is a method for assessing the functionality of a software program. Testing assess the quality of the product. In other words testing is verification and validation process. Testing promotes the developers to deliver software that meets expectations, prevents unexpected results, and improves the long term maintenance of the application. The appropriate methodologies are applied depending upon the software requirement and the purpose of testing.

      Software Testing


When people talk about the importance of software testing, common e

xamples they give frequently are military software, aircraft, etc. That is not concrete enough to understand why we need software testing. Here are the list of few that why we need software testing. 1. To check the reliability of the software. 2. To be ensured that the software does not contain any bug which can become a reason for failure. 3. To check the software was made according to its specification. 4. To check that the software meets its requirements. 5. To check that users are capable of using the software. 6. To check software works with other software and hardware it needs to work with.

Itelligence provides the Software testing course in our institute in Pune. We mold the learner’s intellectual abilities with the professional’s high knowledge and produce efficient outcome. The syllabuses specified are very resourceful for the learners to educate themselves with the satisfactory knowledge regarding software testing.


Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra’s Relationship OVER?

Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are said to be next seen in Aashiqui 3.


Yes! They’re not together anymore. At least that’s what this shocking report suggests. Read on…737908.jpg

Okay, now we know for a fact Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra have never really accepted or denied their relationship. But it’s known to all that they were secretly seeing each other. Their pictures come as evident proof and so do their interviews gushing about each other. However, if this latest report is anything to go by then turns out Alia and Sid have called it quits once and for all. Yes! According to Mumbai Mirror, Alia and Sid haven’t talked to each other for the longest time. In fact, backing BollywoodLife’s EXCLUSIVE report which suggested how Alia doesn’t want Sid to work with Shraddha Kapoor, a source close to Mumbai Mirror further adds that’s exactly where it all began. Alia has fallen out with Sid due to Shraddha and many more mutual difference where they probably believe they aren’t on the same page anymore.

However, neither Sid nor Alia want to acknowledge this fact that they have BROKEN UP! Both want to maintain their ‘single’ status where Alia in today’s DNA interview even clarified, “I am single and Sid is a supportive and extremely important friend in my life and will always be that. As a friend, rather than asking him not to do films with any actress, I keep telling Sid to work with every person because I think he has all the charm, talent and sexiness in the world and the potential to become the biggest superstar of this country! Never in my life, will we ever tell each other what we should or should not do.”

Malaika Arora Finally Agrees To Patch UP With Arbaaz Khan?

We all know how things were almost coming to an end between celebrity couple Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan. The couple had even issued a joint statement stating, “Yes, it’s true that we are separated, but where our lives go and what transpires between us, it is for us to decide. Wherever it goes from here, we will talk about it when we are ready to. It’s a tough and difficult time for us and we will appreciate it if you can please give us our space. Things got worse when lately we even got to hear how Malaika is keen on dropping ‘Khan’ from her surname, further directing everything only towards a DIVORCE’. However, wait until you check out this latest report. It’s a positive sign of ‘reconciliation’ for Malaika and Arbaaz.


A report in Mumbai Mirror suggests that Malaika has finally decided to move back to her family home with Arbaaz and family, all thanks to her sister Amrita Ladak and mum Joyce. Turns out they gave her a reasonable advice on why she shouldn’t consider breaking her marriage with Arbaaz and she’s eventually come in terms to give her relationship a second chance. If all goes well, Malaika will be returning to Arbaaz within the next few days. Now isn’t that one brilliant news? Especially when you know how this news has come during a time when every next day we’re only getting to hear breakups and divorces. Whatta relief!

!May 16 Alden and Maine To Quit ‘Eat Bulaga’ Show!?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza won’t be found in the early afternoon “Eat Bulaga!” show for a while. The love group will travel to Italy to shoot their upcoming film, together with director Mike Tuviera. They have declared this amid a promotional event a week ago.eb-cast1.jpg
“Ang bilis nga po ng panahon kasi wala pang one year na magkakasama tayo, araw-araw magkakasama tayo tapos ngayon mawawala kami ni Alden,” said Maine during the despedida prepared by the Lolas for her and Alden on Saturday’s episode of “Eat Bulaga!”
Maine said that this film will be their way for offering back to their fans that had constantly bolstered their various projects. On the other hand, Alden promises their fans to make the film “special for all of you. We will do all we can to improve the films’ to. “
“Please continue to support us see Maine’s all we do,” he added. “We’re just here for all of you, any test, no give up.”
The love team additionally guaranteed their fans that an every day update on their film will be highlighted in the “Kalyeserye” portion of the appear. “Together we are making this film. So thank you all support us, Kalyeserye. All of this is for you and the realization of my dreams, “concluded Maine. – Joyce Jimenez
Alden and Maine fans would be relieved to know that they both would return on the show after they are done with the film’s shooting. “We will come back again, because we do only did the movie,” she assured their fans.
Seems to imply that the director of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 entry “My Love Bebe” Jose Javier Reyes madadagdagdagan the star-studded cast of the film. Tuesday, posted consecutive Instagram photo with the veteran director Dubsmash called Queen of the Philippines, Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub.
Besides being the first film of the love team Alden & Maine (all in all known as AlDub), My Bebe Love is the get-together film of delas Alas and Sotto after their film Enteng ng Ina Mo, which was additionally a Metro Manila Film Festival section in 2011. It is likewise the first film of delas Alas under MEDA Productions, her own particular film creation. This film was be released in the Philippines and was universally screened in chose silver screens in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the United States, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
This film holds the record for most noteworthy opening day gross for all Filipino movies with ₱60.4 million. The film went ahead to net 385 million pesos.During the honors night of the Metro Manila Film Festival, it won the third Best Picture and the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award. Mendoza likewise won the Best Supporting Actress class of the festival

!Salman Khan And Iulia Vantur To Make Their Relationship!

Looks like the D-day is almost here guys! While yesterday we got to see pictures of Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia Vantur arriving at the airport along with his mother Salma. Our source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to us how Salman is further set to make his relationship official with Iulia at Preity Zinta’s wedding reception tonight, similar to how Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan had made their relationship official at the Lakme Fashion Week back in 2009. Yes! This is happening for real!


Salman, who is a very dear friend to Preity, plans to officially introduce Iulia to all his industry peeps at the wedding bash tonight. In fact, this would be their first official public appearance together as a couple which explains why we are so excited. However, despite making things official, word is that the couple has decided to arrive in separate cars at the party – the reason best known to them.

!Twitter just Deserted The Fight To Prevent Terror Attacks!

Social-media giant Twitter’s got 99 problems, yet the politically correct company is far more worried about the ‘‘optics” of cooperating with federal agents trying to stop jihadist plotters online.

The company’s stock hit a record low this month. Half of the company’s senior executives abandoned their posts earlier this year. Ad growth is sluggish. Desperate attempts to mimic Facebook have turned off users. And the micro-blogging network’s political pandering to liberals through the formation of an Orwellian Trust and Safety Council earned global scorn.bosnia-twitter_

Despite these existential troubles, Twitter bigwigs turned their attention this week to what they reportedly perceive as a real threat to their ailing business: American counterterrorism officials!

No wonder Twitter’s twumbling.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the tech titan cut off US intelligence agencies’ access to an exclusive tweet-sifting service it owns a 5 percent stake in called Dataminr. Its staff sends clients valuable analyses and alerts of ‘‘unfolding terror attacks, political unrest and other potentially important events.”